Logika Kreasi Utama founded in 2018, we lead the charge in driving innovations intersecting IoT, satellite communication, and tailored lithium battery assembly.
Focus on reshaping the IoT landscape. We strive to seamlessly integrate devices, utilizing advanced satellite communication links, and developing customized lithium batteries to power diverse applications.
Our continuous pursuit of technological advancements has established Logika Kreasi Utama as an industry pioneer. With an unwavering commitment to pushing limits, we're poised to redefine the future of connectivity.
Experience innovation firsthand with Logika Kreasi Utama. Join us on a journey to unlock limitless possibilities in IoT, satellite connectivity, and tailored lithium battery solutions."


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Offering boundless global connectivity provide reliable communication worldwide. support various industries and applications, enabling access to critical data and communication in remote or challenging-to-reach locations where ground infrastructure may be limited

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Internet Of Things

Revolutionize connectivity, enabling seamless communication and control for any devices. Offering real-time data, automation, and unprecedented convenience, forming the backbone of an interconnected world for a more efficient lifestyle

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Lithium Battery

Tailored power solutions in assembling lithium batteries to specific requirements. Ensures the creation of reliable, high-performance battery packs designed for unique applications.  and ensures optimized power solutions that meet precise specifications and performance


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